Map your confusions away, Tool 2

Please click on the image below to get a clearer view… but do come back to my blog after relishing the pic 🙂

Ok, so its time for Tool 2. Thanks for all those who called up exclaiming “Visual Squash really works !!!!”. Of course it does. I wouldnt be suggesting it otherwise, would I ?

The second tool uses Mind Mapping, the phenomenal brainstorming, creativity and learning tool by Tony Buzan. It is a simple, yet ultra effective technique.

Mind Map about “Mind Mapping”

Enough of talking, lets get to work….

Take out an A4 sheet of paper and a set of colored pens. Write your dilemna in a box at the centre of the sheet. Add a nice picture to compliment your text. By using images and color, you are roping in the right side of your brain to think for you and research has shown that when both sides work in tandem, you get double the number of ideas.

Draw a branch towards the right and put in option 1: (Staying in Dubai, perhaps). Now watch your thoughts and feelings and record them on new sub branches. Dont forget the images and color. Keep adding branches till you run out of thoughts…..

Now move on to option 2 and draw it within another branch, this time in the opposite direction. Extend this branch with sub branches, one each for every thought.

Once you complete the mind map, you need to asign scores to each branch. On a scale of 1 to 10, assign values to each branch. If its very important for you, go ahead and put a 9 or 10. If its dispensable, assign 2 or 3.

Done? Great !!!

Now add up the score on either sides. In my case, Paris scores 29 and Dubai scores 27. I have a winner here, with a wafer thin margin though. But I have my decision…..

Try it out and I will return with tool 3……..

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