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Women or Men- who are more productive?


Answer to the million dollar question- Women or Men- who are more productive?

According to a new study by independent research consultancy the Ponemon Institute, Women employees work harder and longer than men do

By observing both genders during 10 minute work windows

• On an average females worked 2.5 minutes during ten minutes, while male subjects worked for just 2.1 minutes in the same amount of time. (Almost 20% more)

• Not only do women work longer, but they also apparently work harder than their male counterparts.

• When subjects were given the opportunity to walk away during an experimental waiting period, just 38per cent of women left their desk, while 52per cent of men did.

• When the researcher and subject were both male, the average time worked was 3.6 minutes.

• When they were both female, productivity rose to four minutes.

• But with a female researcher and a male subject, the time worked dropped to just 2.8 minutes.

• Another investigation into the impact of having children on the productivity of male and female lawyers has found that childless women get the most work done – more than childless male lawyers and lawyers of either gender who have children.

So to have maximum productivity, have an all girl team!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope I don’t get terminated 🙂

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