Three tools to clear your confusions

I am totally confused. Can’t decide between A and B. This impasse is driving me crazy”. This is one of the oft repeated complaints from people who come seeking help from us. And we totally understand. Unresolved issues put your mind at cross roads and this can subject you to tremendous amounts of stress. But there are easy ways out.

I believe that though you could have multiple ardent arguments going on inside you, your subconscious mind knows the best course to take. One just have to silence the conflicting views and listen to the wise inner voice. Let me share with you three tools to draw Mr. inner voice out. One post at a time.

This is one of the most effective NLP techniques and it is aptly titled Visual Squash. Lets play…..

Sit down and relax. Make sure that you wouldn’t be disturbed for 10- 15 minutes.

Extend both your hands out in front of you and make your palms face each other.

Give a size, color and shape to option A and imagine that it is on your left palm… for e.g., if it’s about relocating to another country, say Paris, Imagine that you have Eiffel tower in the palm of your hand. Don’t try too hard. Just zero in on anything that comes to your mind.

Repeat for Option B. e.g.- Staying back in Dubai (Could be the Burj). Place it on your other palm.

Now with these two “Things” facing each other, make them compliment one another by appreciating each other for the benefits they would bring you . For e.g. Burj tells Eiffel– you will give “Ibrahim” more exposure to international markets, You will give him better living standards, higher salaries… and Eiffel replies– You will give “Ibrahim” a familiar place, peace of mind, nearness to his relatives, closeness to his values etc…..

Keep going…. Freak out……..Only compliments, mind you.

As you keep going, you will realize that your palms are coming together. Let them.

Finally your palms will meet. Once this happens, imagine Burj and Eiffel fusing together and pouring out of your palms as sparkling fireworks with lots of color and sound.

Thats it. Get up…… You would have had your decision by now

By using this method, your are allowing your mind to freely explore the pros of both the options without fear or prejudice. Each compliment mentioned, will stir something within you and your feelings and thoughts will present their respective cases to you… and your wise Inner voice will make a well informed decision.

Two more tools, in my subsequent blogs… till then Happy New year. If you need any more assistance, call me on 050 3423552.

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