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So, what’s your problem, eh?


So, what’s your problem, eh?

 Do we have an answer to this question? If yes, are all our problems purely personal and restricted to our own self seeking interests? Or, on the other hand, do we have it in us to answer this question by saying “Communalism is our problem” or “Hunger deaths among children is our problem”?

 Imagine how wonderful this world would be if all of us own a problem that we have wholeheartedly committed to solve? What if we devote our time and resources to solve this problem rather than fighting for more space, more time, or more money in our own teeny weenie part of the world?

So let that skin crawl, hair stand, eyes twitch…….

Let that empathy bubble inside…

Let that righteous rage boil over……

Yeah!!! I do have a problem… and I am going to do everything possible to solve it.. God Willing!!!

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