A to Z of Failure…..

After basking in the glory of having recognized all the qualities in the A to Z of Success list within yourself, just recheck to be sure. Here is the new list- The A to Z of Failure. Once again thanks to all LinkedIn mates for their inputs, especially to Dr. Syed Suhail Osmani , Charul Sharma & Ranganathan.
Here they are…..

A: Apathetic (indifferent), Arrogant and Aggressive

B: Belligerent (excessively hostile), bad mouthed, biased and blamer

C: Careless, cheater, cruel and closed (never listens or communicates properly)

D: Diffident, deceitful, player of divisionary tactics

E: Egoistic, Escaper (without taking responsibility)

F: Fault finder, fake

G: Greedy, Gossipy, Grudge holding

H: High handed, Hard hitting

I: Intolerant, Indecisive, In disciplined, Intemperate and Incompetent

J: Jealous

K: Know it all

L: Liar, Laissez Faire (let things happen)

M: Malicious,(vicious), Mediocre (bad quality), Mind Reader, Manipulative and Merciless

N: Nagging

O: Opportunist

P: Pessimist

Q: Quitter, quack

R: Rude, rigid and raw

S: Selfish, submissive

T: Tyrant, Trouble maker, Timid (never takes risks), Talker (all talk and no action)

U: Unethical, unforgiving, unfaithful

V: Vagrant (one without any goals)

W: wasteful

X: Xcessive (never optimal)

Y: Yes man ship

Z: Zeolot (fanatic)

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  1. PremChand T

    Pretty good collection Sangeeth.. and defines factors(ingredients) of Success and Failure crisply!

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