A to Z of Success

I had asked my Linkedin contacts to help me compile a success checklist with words starting with each letter of the Queen’s language. Here they are…. A million thanks to the contibutors.

Assess yourself wrt to the A to Z of success and see where you stand…..

A: Assertive, Appreciative and Ambitious (Having highly challenging goals for all areas of ones life)

B: Bold , Balanced and Benevolent ( Having an Intense burning desire to do good)

C: Confident, Competing and Committed to acheive ones goals at all costs (Though hell should bar the way, NO EXCUSES !!!!)

D: Disciplined , Daring, Doer (action oriented) and Dependable (Give it to him and just forget it)

E: Endearing (Loved by all the worthy ones )

F: Having Faith in oneself, one’s team and god almighty

G: Giver and Gratitude to god, parents and all those who have touched our lives

H: Humble, Helpful, Health concious and Honest

I: Integrity, Influencer and Innovative (Coming out with better and bigger solutions to everday problems)

J: Just (Fairness in every decision, even if own interests are involved)

K: Knowledgeable (A life long learner)

L: Loyal to ones cause

M: Motivated (Takes initiative and says “I must” before someone says “You Must”)

N: Negotiator and Never giving up (Keeps fighting till god grants victory)

O: Optimistic (Hoping for the best, seeing the silver lining in every cloud)

P: Proactive, Prioritiser and Patient (In the face of setbacks and opposition)

Q: Quality champion (Over exceeding expectations, making every work a masterpiece)

R: Responsible and Respectful (To the needs of others)

T: Temperate, Time Concious and Trustworthy (Will never ever break commitments)

U: Understanding (To the challenges and limitations of others)

V: Vanguard (Always in the position of leadership)

W: Watchful (For opportunities and threats)

X: Exuberant (forever an epitome of enthusiasm, happiness and hope)

Y: Young at heart

Z: Zealous (passionate in everything he does)

Come back soon…. I will have the A to Z of Failure for you Insha allah….


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2 responses to “A to Z of Success

  1. Saleh Master

    Excellent. Much useful. These will help to get a reminder now and then. Waiting for the A to failure list

  2. Anonymous

    Brilliant. Helped me for life. Failure is good.
    Well DONE !!

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