Are you suffering from these symptoms ?

1. You write down the pros and cons of your job and the cons list laughs at the pros list

2. You spend at least 30% of the time &^%&^%& the company

3. Your best friends are all disgruntled staff

4. You are performing much much below your potential

5. You are ashamed to talk about your salary to your peers or even your juniors

6. Your wife has to push you into the elevator every morning

7. You start shutting down your pc 10 minutes before exit time

8. The last time you took part in social activities at work is in 2001

9. The last pay rise that you got cannot even get you a full tank

10. You have long given up trying to impress the boss

11. The office boys serve you coffee last

12. You yawn 20 times each day

13. All your erstwhile juniors are now your super seniors

If you suffer from at least 6 of these above symptoms. Then you have been diagnosed with a severe bout of overstaying.

The only possible cure is getting out into the sun as soon as possible and finding another job.

Hope you will come back for another consultation only in 2015 after a relapse at your new place.


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2 responses to “Are you suffering from these symptoms ?

  1. Shaju P Unni

    Hi ,

    Yes, I totally agree with what Sangeeth said. I would like to add one more point here is- if you want to be happy please dont link it with a reason. Be happy simply. Dont think -If I get to this level I would be happy, If I get 2K US increment, I would be happy. If you want to be happy, you being a human itself is enough for you to be happy. You have to be happy now or it would never be.

    Cheeers,,, Sangeeth.

    • Great Shaju
      Great thoughts. We should all have challenging ambitions and must gun for them continously. But happiness shouldnt be linked to our achievements. It should be based on what we are and what is …

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