A Ballad of Unparalleled Love

He was arrested, bound  and brutally bundled off to jail. It was just a few days after his marriage. While Raihi Mustaha was sentenced to spend the rest of his life languishing in an Israeli jail, his wife Raida swaidan decided to wait for him… With fervent prayers on her lips and hope in her heart.  Though he repeatedly pleaded to end the nuptial agreement and move on… she refused. Braving the many bewildering storms around her, young Raida stood steadfast with her eyes on the pathway… every day and night for the…….

…Next 30 years.

Couple of weeks ago Raihi walked out free, along with hundreds of his brothers in exchange for the freedom of one Israeli soldier.

Raihi and Raida got to hug each other after all….

The worthy epilogue of a ballad of Unparalleled Love and Patience.


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2 responses to “A Ballad of Unparalleled Love

  1. jefujailaf

    Touching Life..may allah bless them…

  2. Siraj

    Thank you for admiring and sharing, for sure, they succeeded in love here and hereafter Insha Allah…

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