Dont Miss this opportunity to give yourself a hand


Another year is getting ready to pass on its light. Phew!! Wasn’t that fast? The last “Happy New year” was wished emphatically just a few minutes ago, or so it seems. With the eons zipping so fast, future seems to be a thing of the distant past. Hope we will all manage to start working on our purposes before time runs out.

Well, this could be the apt moment to reflect back on the last 11 months. If you diligently try to be introspective of your own actions in the last year you could get some vital clues about that one thing/only thing that you can truly get to understand and control- yourself.

What goals did you set at the end of 2010- and what does it tell you about yourself/your wants and your ambitions…. When you were one year younger. ARE THEY RELEVANT NOW?

What goals did you achieve- and what does it say about your TRUE passions and Wants

What did you give up- and what do you now know about your priorities or the lack of it

Who supported you, guided and applauded for you- and who are your true friends and well wishers

What worked and what didn’t- and what are your STRENGTHS and crucial areas of improvement

What made you happy and feel actualized- and what could be the purpose of your life
Use these answers to have a more effective year ahead….

Seek Results that you really want. Work on areas that truly motivate you. Work on your areas of improvement and use your strengths. Seek the counsel of your good friends. Get what you truly want…

Make your life a revelry of adventure, companionship, adventure and sheer happiness… and mind you… the rest of your life begins NOW.

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