Save the entire human race…. Today

In line with all the divine texts revealed over the ages, the last testament-the holy Quran says- if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the whole humanity. (5.32)

I was watching the story of Abu Musa last night on TV. He was 4 years old. His mother was struggling through the endless barren lands of Somalia, laid to waste by the great drought. She had a 2 year old baby in her arms and little Abu Musa wobbling behind her, hanging on to her arms. She squinted her eyes as she stared into the vast expanse of scorching harshness before her- for the relief camps were still days away. She then glanced at the malnourished faces of her dearest ones. As the last droplets of energy dribbled away from her, the emaciated mother took the decision.

She dropped Abu Musa into the hot sand and limped away, hugging on to her baby. The howling wind resisted the boy’s tired whimpers from restraining her. But as she told the interviewer amidst sobs, she had turned back repeatedly, scanning for signs of life in her child. It seems that she saw him quiver at times before he gave himself up to the fangs of hunger and thirst.

Brothers and SistersThere is no doubt.God almighty will hold us responsible for the deaths of Abu Musa and thousands like him. We will all be questioned for our inaction and apathy. Let us do everything possible right away to prevent these unfortunate deaths. I recommend this site- Somalian Crisis. This is a very trustworthy and reputed site which allows you to make contributions online with your credit card. While you can contribute as less as USD 100, kindly note that.

• $71 provides a month’s worth of food packs for a family of eight
• $210 provides a 30-day supply of water for 42 people
• $1,413 supplies essential medicines to a health center serving 80 children

In this holy month, you can ensure that each of your family members can amass the benefits equivalent of saving the whole of the human race. So start with your children and save one Abu Musa each on their behalves.

So stop what you are doing……. And click that link NOW!!!!!!!! and stop one more child from dying.

As the prophet of god confirms “One who advices others to do good, gets the same reward of the one who heeds his advice and does good”. So apart from donating, send this article to all your contacts by sending them this link-Soulversesto them

May god almighty accept all our deeds as righteous ones…………

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