May Justice Prevail

Back home, the dreaded police department has a simple and straight forward way of solving even the toughest of crimes. They maintain a database of citizens picked up earlier for petty offenses. Whenever law breaking happens, they scout around for some time. If the offenders evade them, VOILA! Out comes the list and some hapless soul is dragged to jail. One more case is solved and the stakeholders bask in the glory of received accolades. And of course, the police have some very creative ways to make these “convicts” confess to these crimes… local imitations of water boarding, electrocution and flogging…. to name a few. I still smile when I think of a old joke which had a couple of police men torturing a bear, trying to make it confess- that it was the infamous tiger that had been venturing on manhunts.

It’s very much like the drunk who was found searching desperately under a lamp post. When enquired, he said that he was searching for his lost bunch of keys. Upon asked whether he had lost the keys at that exact spot, he replied “I lost them somewhere else, but its dark there and well lit here”. One cant but envy those desperadoes who can merrily go scot free after each crime, since the blame will invariably fall on someone else by default. Do anything wicked and forget about it. Someone somewhere will pay for their sins…perfect arrangement.

After the recent bombings in Norway, all the news channels and newspapers were quoting police and intelligence sources unanimously and unequivocally stating that the perpetrators had to be Islamic fundamentalists. They were at the verge of cracking the case and the media was indulging in bouts of verbal diarrhea, explaining Islam’s inclination towards violence and the sinister cold bloodedness of Muslims. Finally it turned out that the man accused of the killing spree was an Islamophobe, deeply influenced by a group of American bloggers and writers who over the years have been desperately trying to “defend the west from Islamic domination”. He was one of the most vociferous supporters of the “Grave danger posed by Muslim immigrants to Western culture” cause.

Thank god Justice prevailed in Norway. And hope it will be repeated in the case of thousands of innocents languishing in jail for crimes they have never committed.
Hope our law enforcers will reexamine and change their paradigms and refrain from jumping into pre conceived conclusions. Hope the Muslim community will work proactively to cleanse itself of the stigma attached to it. Hope it will locate and alienate the few black sheep who believe that killing of innocents will emancipate their brethren from injustice. Those wayward ones who try to serve almighty god by spilling guiltless blood.

And most importantly may the sinister plots of all those ominous invisible hands that are waiting to exploit this situations fail.
May true justice prevail……

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