5 tiny Daffodils……and aren’t you closer?

Check the picture out. Millions of daffodils have bloomed for us. The scene is Lake Arrowhead in California. They extend farther than our weakling line of sight- rivers of daffodils in every shade of vibrant yellow. In the middle of this field is a board that reads “One woman, One at a time, Started in 1958”. By planting one humble daffodil plant at a time for the last 52 years, some unknown lady in California has created this wonder of nature. Giving generations ahead something profound to relish and learn from.

Learn that we can accomplish astounding feats if we simply persist in doing tiny bits. Save 25 dirham’s a day for the next 10 years and end up with a mini fortune. Walk 10 minutes every day and enjoy a life of difference. Speak to 2 of your loved ones each day and relish forever the companionship of people who matter. Utter a few verses of prayer every day and enjoy spiritual bliss and reformation….the list is endless.

Jack Canfield in his best seller “The success principles (Get it here) talks about the Rule of 5. Every single day, do 5 tiny things that would take you towards your goals. Don’t let the sun set on you without having planted these 5 seeds of success. For me they could be… Reading 5 pages of a book every day, making 5 connections on LinkedIn, Preparing 5 slides for my presentation, Sending my blog to 5 contacts, Writing 5 paragraphs/lines for my new post, Learn 5 new verses every day………..These things are simple and they look insignificant. But over the years they would fortify me with substantial stepping stones that would make my goal reachable.

Terry Fox, that inspiring role model who ran Marathons with one leg till he succumbed to cancer was asked about his impossible feat. He humbly told millions of viewers his success secret- “I just run till the next telephone post

So regardless of the time at which you read this post, make sure that you cook your 5 nuggets TODAY. And go to sleep rest assured that your valley of daffodils would be waiting for you at the apt time.


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2 responses to “5 tiny Daffodils……and aren’t you closer?

  1. Seif Sultan

    very practical and doable, thanks for this crisp and inspiring blog…..

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