The fulfillment diaries- 21st Nov 2018


In a mad rush to find something useful-some elixir of performance, one gets lucky at times and stumbles upon something promising. Upon previewing it your interest level shoots up. Then you start a frantic search, to get to the depth of the treasure trove. Concepts, examples, steps et al. Once you feel that you have enough to explain the concept authoritatively to someone and deploy it to make a difference, you sit back with a sigh of contentment.

Today the prize catch was “The competing values framework.” Google, YouTube, Slide share… I darted in an out of every possible pit stop for curated content. End result was a neat and brief presentation. I love psychometric tools like MBTI and DISC. Why? Distinctions between profiles are clear and observable, assessments are easy and the content can be presented with loads of humor. CVF had all these qualities.  Moreover it had an uncanny resemblance to the whole brain model, which is a long time favorite. The former is more action oriented and practical though. Now I know how to diagnose organizational culture, and can also help leaders transform it as well. All the needed resources are available and just in 2 days I was able to build up a reasonable level of competence.


Thanks to the Almighty for another fulfilling day!


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2 responses to “The fulfillment diaries- 21st Nov 2018

  1. Biju Padmanabhan

    Its nice of you to remind of the use of MBTI and DISC profiling after a long time. Not sure whether many organizations use these nowadays.

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