Three Must Have Travel Aids

As you drag yourself and crawl through the crowded by lanes and frustrating junctions of life, dying to ease into that free way where you can finally press hard on the gas pedal and zoom to your dream destination, you need to have three tools in your travel kit. Never ever venture out without them. Or else you will end up getting stuck in the dusty suburbs of depravity, miles away from the dream retreats of success.

They are…A Compass, A Speedometer and A Radar kit.

The first one tells you whether you are on or off course. Even a one degree deviation over time can take you miles away from your destined disembarkation gate.

Some of the good compass brands available are…..

A Great set of values
A Sincere friend

The first one is a simple list of unambiguous resolutions like… I will never lie, I will never cheat, and I will always help my fellow wayfarers all the way and so on. These statements must be posted on the notice boards of your heart and whenever you get stuck at any of the cross roads of life, they will guide you to the routes that you should take and also strictly forbid you from even venturing inches on to the tracks that you should never take.

Akin to the two roads mentioned in Surah Fatihah… The path of those who have been blessed by the Almighty or the path of the ones who have earned his wrath. This compass will lead you to the right path and as the famous poem goes… Two roads divulged into the woods and I took the one that was less travelled by…. And that has made all the difference….. between reaching and getting stranded.

After all, what is the point traveling for ages and reaching tired and way worn at some place where you never ever wanted to be in the first place?

Instead of buying a compass, you can even try making one yourself. Write down 5 sentences starting with “I will always……..” and 5 more with “I will never……””. Now think about the journey that you are about to undertake and complete these sentences with actions that you will either always do or refrain from doing at all costs. Even if you have a cocked gun held against your head or a mountain of gold offered to lure you instead. Think about the inspiring words of our leader who said “Even if you give me the sun in my left hand and the moon in my right I will continue on my journey till either the will of god prevails or I perish on the way

The other brand of compass is a Sincere believing friend. As the hadith says-A believer is a mirror for another. So share your travel plans and routes with him regularly and take his advice even if it contradicts your own decisions. When sincere brothers give you feedback, you have three options. Disregard it and move on…. Hit back at them and argue or simply follow. But make the choice only after ensuring that you so have a trust worthy compass with you – one whose arms always steadfastly point to the one and only true direction…anywhere…anytime.

If you a compass that meets the above conditions, then you are one of the lucky ones indeed. If you dont, seek and find one as soon as possible. And lets also hope that at least one person in this planet considers us as their own treasured compass.

Work on your Internal Compass during this week end and put it up at a place where it can remind the traveller’s soul every day. Call up that external compass and have a long heart to heart talk. Listen… Understand…..Accept…..and if required change your route map.

Do that… and I will come back to you with the Speedometer and the RADAR KIT soon…. Insha allah

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