Here is your Chance

For a change, let me do this without a prologue……

Take a paper and a pen and write down the 10 most important things that you did in the last week (Oct 9th to 16th). “Important” doesn’t mean that it must be costly or must take a long time. Feel free to define that word yourself. It doesn’t matter if the rest of the world considers it insignificant. If you think it’s important, put it down.

Now consider (Just consider) that the coming week is going to be your last. You are going to disembark from the flight of your life on the 23rd of October, say at 10.00 A.M.

What are the 10 things that you would do with the time and the resources that you have. Give it some thought…. Be realistic…put it down.

Compare the two lists. Are they different? I bet they are. And I can also bet that some of the points on the second list are things that you can do today, or any day for that matter, at any time…. without having to postpone it to that unforgiving and unrelenting last week. Trust me… No one knows whether you will be taking off the dress that you are wearing right now or whether it will be taken off by someone else from your dead and stiff body. You might not even get a minutes’ notice… let alone a week.

I want you to check these videos out…..
Life is Too Short

Big Rocks

If you have been filling the jar of your life with too many small stones, you will have no place for the big rocks in there. And your second list clearly tells you what the big rocks in your life really are.

So let’s make the coming week different. Fill up the table below, with all the roles that you play in life. And next to each role, list one or two activities that you will do in the coming week that will make life special for all the big rocks of your life…

I am sharing my table with you for reference. Do yours today and do what you have listed down. Who knows? The next week might indeed be your last. But I am sure that you will feel at least a trifle better than usual at that fleeting moment when you realize that your time has finally run out.

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