The Wheel of Life

I learnt an interesting concept during my “Life Coach” Training session last night. Let me share it with you all.

Take a piece of paper and draw a circle (Let it be big and bold…)

Come on do it now !!!!!!!!

Divide it into 6 equal zones (If you haven’t done it already, read the previous line again… till you do it)

Write the below words in each of the 6 zones (1 per zone)

• Professional
• Relationships
• Emotional
• Health
• Financial
• Spiritual

Now rate yourself from 1 to 10 in each of these zones (10 being perfect and 1 being pathetic…Ha Ha). Make sure that you write the numbers in a way that their positions represent their values. If it’s 2, write it closer to the centre. If its 8 write it closer to the curve and so on….

Once this is done, draw curved lines in each zone just under the number. It should be part of a circle spanning the zone.

Now you have the wheel of life

If it’s a smooth wheel, you are lucky… life will roll on smoothly. If its Jagged and uneven, you will have many bumps and tremors… and you will not end up much farther from your starting point.

Your objective is to make your wheel as big as the circle itself… by scoring perfect 10’s in each zone. To do that, you need to set goals, address road blocks, do the right things and stay motivated…. More on these later. Keep watching this space.

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