Do I have lots to say?

Why am I doing this?
Is it because I have some much to say?. Or is it because eager and hysteric enthusiasts are clamoring at my door every day. NO!!!!. I have been boasting of my vision- to be a world renowned author by 2012. Times Best Seller List, Booker Award and many more superlatives. May this be the beginning. WOW !!! History is just about to be made. HA HA. Hope the full stop isnt one. May I have painful thrusts at my ribs, reminders of a frustrated ambitious soul caught in a vagabonds obese frame. Then I may return. Hope my next post doesnt surface after a decade. Who will justify your ignorance ?????


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4 responses to “Do I have lots to say?

  1. I am replying to my own post. There are some movie directors who solitarily conjure up a movie, and it will be watched only by-guess who?. Will my post be one of its kind?

  2. Rashid Hamza

    Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu….

    Dear Sangeethka,

    Its of great pleasure to hear that you have a blog now. Indeed, good writing skills are never in the scarcity mode when it is Sangeeth. You are one of those who can be considered a live inspiration.

    Well done. All the best. May Allah protect and bless you and your family.

    Luving regards,


  3. Amith Padiath

    Kudos on your new (relatively speaking) blog. I especially liked the title – “soulverses” – clear, concise and dignified – everything a title ought to be – and the jibe (probably unintended) at Mr. Rushdie’s (in)famous work, definitely helps to “spice” things up a little.

    Your posts too seem to address a wide variety of issues while remaining sincere to your clearly stated sources of inspiration – The Quran and the teachings of Mohammed. “The Leadership Lessons of Salat” and “My Brothers” were particularly scrumptious. Although, I must admit, on other instances (on the issue of freedom of expression for example), our views seem to be eons apart … but I guess that is a discussion for another day.

    Right now, I congratulate you on this wonderful endeavor. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and will …… eventually.

    • Thanks bro
      Do keep visiting. And I frankly feel that we dont have to debate about anything. Let us for a change enjoy the differences between one another. Let us also keep seeking the truth in our own special ways… I am sure that we will stumble upon it soon… and may it be one and the same.

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