The Fulfillment diaries- 14th Nov 2018

Whenever I meet my CEO, I get to see “Executive Presence” in action. He greets you warmly, always connecting with the person before getting into job related transactions. He is never in a hurry. I could see that he was trying to solve messy problems over the phone. But he went about it with an air of composure and soothing confidence. I also got a rare glimpse of him expressing his displeasure about an error that had occurred. But he spoke in such a way that the person at the receiving end got the message without getting judged or criticized harshly. He had the gift of making people feel guilty bereft of the feeling of shame that usually accompanies the former.

Two unplanned shopping salvos before hitting the bed. At the stationery shop I was surprised to see a family who had come to collect a clumsy looking model that they had ordered. My eyebrows went up. Instead of making it themselves, they were paying for it. Education’s labour lost?

Next stop was at the pharmacy. There was this delivery boy from the nearby grocery who was purchasing antibiotics. Despite the pharmacist’s insistence, he was buying just 2 tablets. “I shall come back if I don’t get relief,” he said. When I looked enquiringly at the pharmacist, he said “They don’t want to spend money, so they don’t take the whole course.” I gently stopped him and offered to pay. “It’s the full course or nothing my friend,” I said, taking my wallet out. He shook his head, and briskly walked off, visibly embarrassed. I was robbed of the chance to get a much needed oxytocin high.

Thanks to the Almighty for yet another fulfilling day.

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