Is there any link between Talent & Success ? he asked.


Was a great day !. In a meeting convened to ascertain the performance needs of our associates, a Senior Manager who had joined us recently complimented us by saying “Though my previous bank had a budget probably 10 times bigger than what we have, our team is adding at least 3 times more value.” Felt like my head was in the clouds.

While I was about to call it a day, a friend posed this question on FB. “Is there any link between Talent & Success?”. This is how I replied.

To complete every goal or job, certain mental and/or behavioral tasks must be carried out. Due to genetic disposition and exposure some people are good at these tasks. In common parlance we then say that they are talented. They can do these tasks easily compared to others. So if they persist at these tasks they can become successful without much effort.

But new findings in Neuropsychology suggests that with the right strategy and effort most people can acquire these strengths. In other words we can become talented through deliberate practice. But this requires loads of enduring determination otherwise known as GRIT. To conclude, with the right mindset and habits we can all succeed even if we dont appear to have the right talents. Talents can be acquired. And when you marry Talents with Hard work you succeed.

He was happy with the answer. Got rewarded with a flurry of encouraging emojis.

Thanks to the Almighty for another fulfilling day.



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