The Fulfillment Diaries- Relationships and Respect

A senior Manager came calling for a counseling session. “My Manager bypasses me and speaks to my assistant every time. I feel so powerless and dis empowered,” she complained. The easiest way to get someone to introspect and understand is to ask them questions. “Have you ever bypassed your Manager and approached his boss?’ I enquired. “I do that when I need approvals for huge orders,” she replied. “And how often does this happen?” I probed. “Two or three times a month,” she answered. “Could this be prompting him to behave in this manner? If you meet him first and approach the Manager with him in tow, do you think he will behave differently?” I asked. A long pause greeted me and she quietly nodded. Bingo!

I was asked to unofficially lead (that’s another story) a freshly baked cross functional team. When I started to assert myself, I felt that the one who was earlier in command was resisting subtly. Frequent arguments, lack of forthrightness… it was evident that rapport was lost. I decided to set it right. Went to his office and shared my concern. “I am working on this project because I have been asked to do so. I value your experience and would love to add value to our work with your support. Hope you have nothing against me” The ice melted. He opened up and shared his concerns openly. We parted as friends.

Had to ensure the presence of 4 Executive Managers for a presentation that is scheduled on Thursday. Gathering them all at such short notice was next to impossible. Be nice to the Monarch and be nicer to the door keepers- that’s my adage. Was able to walk into their offices and get their confirmations instantly. I believe that Relationships matter more than Vision and Execution. And Relationships (and solid ones at that) can be built by giving RESPECT.

Thanks to the Almighty for another fulfilling day……

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