My Friend, My Philosopher, My Guide….Live on…..


We could find time every night to patiently sit by their side and lovingly watch them fall asleep?

We are unsuccessful in hiding our tears whenever they were in pain?

We could make them fall in love with the sweet smell of paperbacks and worn out hard bounds?

We could take them along for long, winding walks, every other day?


We could make them yearn for victories just for the hero’s welcome they would get at home?

We could make them learn long classic couplets by heart?

We could truly convince them that they had sparks of genius within them?

We were able to show them that true piety lay in honoring the rich and the poor alike?

We assured them that prayers are always answered?


We could sing dreadfully wrong lyrics off key and still get them all going?

We could coax them to display their budding talents before others- and shower them with praise in public?

We could make them marvel at dew drops “dancing at the tip of leaves” and befriend the baby sparrows born in the heart of the old tucoma trees?

We could induce them to shed a few tear drops at the tombstone of every blade of grass crushed under their feet?


We could coach them to whistle old romantic songs soulfully?

We could teach them persistence by revealing that only the most irritated oysters produced pearls?

We could teach them that there is much more to life than examination results?

We found time to lose ourselves playing with them? Argue over fouls and exult over tiny victories?


We refrained from comparing them with anyone else and allowed them to be just themselves?

We could teach them what is worth fighting for and also what is worth giving up for?

We could make them love and adore themselves without hating and belittling anyone else?

We could inspire them to compose silly rhymes and send them (repeatedly) to be published?


We could teach them that the best way to reach the creator is through the service of their own brethren?

We could entice them to lie staring at the colors of dusk and silently watch a rising moonling?

We could make them adore warrior heroes of yore and the causes they fought and died for?

We could persuade them that the best way to speak effectively is to speak sincerely?

If we could do at least some of these, then even after we are long gone, we will continue to linger……In the prayers, the memoirs, reflections and in the very character of our children ….

Dear Uppa, you didn’t leave the stage on the 21st of October 2011. You just disappeared behind the curtains for us to don your robes and continue..bearing the mantle of continuing to be the legend that you were….The ultimate friend, philosopher and guide.

And as we threw handsful of fresh earth into your resting ground and moved on, new candles were being lit. Small but unwavering, measly yet resolute ones. And together we shall shine on and in the light we exude and the warmth we emanate, passersby will surely recognize and experience you.

I will never forget your words, which I have now taken as the purpose of my life and Insha allah will pass on to your young admirers after me……

“Sangu mon, journey through life with maximum happiness. Yet never victimize anyone. And strive to do things that will make the world that you leave behind at least a trifle better than the one that you had inherited”

Yes Uppa. Insha allah .…….


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6 responses to “My Friend, My Philosopher, My Guide….Live on…..

  1. Anees

    We all miss him, his charming face and soft nature…
    Dear Umbayikka, Wish the almighty make us all meet in Jannath…
    I’d been to thalashery on the day of Eid.

  2. Aarti Krishna

    Fond memories, precious values, great thoughts, beautifully expressed.

  3. Srivalsan Murugan

    Dear Sangeet

    I was not lucky enough to meet the Royal Bengal Tiger but I do know the cub and thereby judge nay understand pedigree and aristocracy…I had tears in my eyes as i read through the tribute…Was it Tolstoy who said that the ones who really die are the ones that do not take roots in others??


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