Need a popular movement to combat the other “C”

Thank god, the citizens of India have finally come together to combat Corruption– the “C” that has been draining this great country of its potential to reach the very top. India is the 11th largest economy in the world and the 4th largest by purchasing power parity . If we can sustain the current growth of 9%, average income is expected to double in a few years and we are stated to be the 3rd largest economy very soon. However latest statistics show that the total money scrupulous elements have made through corruption over the years is USD 20.23 trillion. With this amount, we could have defeated most of our social problems like unemployment and poverty and we would have occupied our destined position in the international community much sooner.

Hope the current enthusiasm and excitement doesn’t die down and hope it will lead to some stringent and effective regulations that will help us eradicate this malaise, once and for all.

This said, we also urgently need a movement to combat the other “C” which also has the potential to put brakes on our ascent towards success. This is the “C” that can undo all the progress that we made till date and push us back into a un mountable death spiral of mayhem and chaos.

This “C” stands for Communalism…..

Steven Wilkinson, a US based Scholar who has been studying communal violence in India has concluded that since independence, the casualties in communal riots in India is as huge as 40,000. Bring the partition into this equation and the figure stands at 1.5 million – We have managed to kill many more of our own than what our enemies have. And by doing so, We have been doing a huge favor to all the ones who are desperate to destabilize us and see our doom.

The sad fact is that our Police force is fully equipped and capable of brining any riot under control within 24 hours. The major communal riots that cause higher casualties are pre-planned for days if not months and there are always early warnings of such a planning which the police and intelligence can easily know if they care. Hence it is obvious that all these riots that destroy our valuable human resources, our brand image and the precious climate of peace and co operation are successful only due to the nexus between riot entrepreneurs, politicians, enforcement agencies and the media.

About 31 Inquiry Commissions were appointed after various communal riots. These Inquiry Commissions have pointed out that riots take place as administration is complicit and fail to perform their duties on all three fronts – in taking preventive steps before riots, controlling the mobs during the riots and finally bringing the culprits to book.

Hatred, fear and communalism will not help our country. Neither numbers or mob strength will help any particular community. At the ease at which bombs can be made and explosions can be triggered, one single fanatic can kill hundreds. See what is happening to our neighbors. Their economy is in shambles. No one wants to invest there and the whole nation is staring at a bleak future. Let us not allow anyone to lead us to the same state. And let us hope that our neighbors also get cured at the earliest.

How can we, commoners come together to defeat this nexus ?

How can we coerce ourselves to forget the wounds of the past?

How can we refrain from spreading doubt, fear and hatred?

How can we stop ourselves from being infuriated by the riot mongers?

How can we remind ourselves that our future is more important than our past?

How can we together create an atmosphere conducive for growth and development?

How can we combat the second “C”?

Any ideas?, Any Anna’s ?

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