Writing a Love Letter again

There is something very very special about love letters. They both surprise and thrill the recipients. The lucky ones who receive them feel so warm and loved that they can hardly wait to return the love to us. They create a matchless feeling when the reader realizes that we cared enough to take the time to get the stationery, write and post the letter.

Don’t wait for the opportune date and time. Send them every time you can. When someone is packing, hide the letter somewhere- in the pocket, purse or a shoe. Imagine the heart beats of the person when he discovers it… far away from you. Hide your message among the long list of grocery items that your wife has made. She will stand transfixed amidst the other busy shoppers who aren’t as lucky as her. Leave small post it notes with your messages in your child’s lunch box or in one of his books. Each time, they stumble upon one, they will be reminded of how much they are loved and appreciated.

As a bonus, save a copy of your love letters and Iam sure that you will relish reviewing them some day and cherish the memories they evoke.

The most endearing letters are the ones that you can write to our older parents or grandparents living far away from us in the fading twilight of their years. Most of these people do suffer from umpteen diseases. But they almost always also suffer from broken hearts. Most of their friends would have passed on and they have few connections left with the fast and apathetic world around. They may be waking up in the middle of the night feeling totally alienated and depressed and lying awake… waiting for yet another meaningless day.

It is at times like these that they slowly get up and take out that letter that we would have sent months earlier that has already been read a hundred times. They read every word again and get transported to the wonder world where their grand children are playing merrily, where we sit next to them, cuddling them and telling how much we love them. I am sure that our letters would be tear stained, tattered and taped from incessant reading and pondering.

Come…. let’s do it. Don’t worry about syntax and grammar. Our readers don’t care. Just write from your hearts to theirs. They will know what we mean……

Let me write mine……

Dearest Uppa and Umma

From Miles and Miles away, as my family lies sleeping peacefully in the other room, I am writing this letter to tell you once more that I love you more than anyone in this world………………………………..

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