Meet SARAH, my Change Management consultant

I should thank my close friend Motaz for introducing Sarah to me, an absolutely stunning change management consultant who perfectly coached me to come to terms with people’s resistance to change.

Without her help, I would have given up on my valiant efforts, despite the hours of positive self talk and self conditioning done, with the sympathetic support of my more experienced colleagues.

This is what SARAH told me, in her soothing voice.

“Sweetheart, don’t lose heart. The only thing that likes quick change is a baby with a wet diaper. The rest of the world would resist it till it spells imminent and immediate doom. And the more senior they are, the more impenetrable would there fortresses be”

“But SARAH, I need to get it done, because it is the right thing to do and shame on me if I can’t bring about a change that is not just something good to have, but something vital for our improvement”, I crooned, staring softly into her mesmerizing eyes.

“Be Patient Ibrahim. It will happen. But it will take time”, SARAH explained….

“First they will be SHOCKED! How can someone have the audacity to tell us to abandon our old ways?”, she said.

“Then they will be ANGRY- It won’t work here. And who the *******are you? It hasn’t worked here for a hundred years; all this is just talk and never will be done. ”

“Now, if you stay perfectly calm and persist with your agenda exuding absolute confidence and steadfastness, they will start REFLECTING. Though you will never get it from their words and body language, your determination will get them thinking”

I listened on…. Nodding my head for every word SARAH said.

“Then, they will AGREE with you. Partly at first and then they will relent more and more day by day. But don’t think that you have won yet. There is one more stage to come”

“Just one more?”- I thought. I could have listened forever.

“Finally, they will come to your for HELP. With all their arms in sheaths, hands in the air, they would want to be the first to adopt the change… and win accolades”

Having said this, SARAH abruptly stood up to leave. My heart skipped a beat. I was trying to invent problems to seek her help and make her stay. But she was in a hurry and after a quick goodbye, walked away, leaving a totally crushed me behind.

After she faded away into oblivion, I gazed at her visiting card that she handed over just before she left.

It said

S: Shocked
A: Angry
R: Reflecting
A: Agreement
H: Help

Thanks a lot SARAH. Thank Motaz. I am a wiser and more patient driver of change now. And after reading my post, hope you are too…….


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2 responses to “Meet SARAH, my Change Management consultant

  1. Very enlightening Sangeeth! Thanks for introducing me to SARAH too!

  2. Dr. Syed Suhail

    Great post!
    It is so true, I have myself experienced it, when we were trying to introduce innovative teaching learning methods and curricular reforms. It goes exactly as described – SARAH. But there always are a few harliners and skeptics who never get on to the Ark, even if the risk is being drowned.
    Thanks Sangeet.

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