Introspection Time folks… Dont miss these 10 questions

One sheet of paper and a pen

10 unforgiving questions
15 fleeting minutes


2011 will be different… This is my new year gift to you……

1. Did I have any specific goals for the bygone year? If no, how could I have been so careless about my own life?

2. If I had and if I achieved them all ,what motivated me to stay put till they were realized?

3. If I didn’t achieve them or achieved them partially, what on earth stood in my way? How could I have avoided these roadblocks? What stopped me from trying them then?

4. What does the answers for questions 2 and 3 tell me about myself?

5. What are five things that I did in 2010 that I am proud of ?

6. Did I do something that I regretted later? What are they?

7. List 3 memorable experiences in 2010 that took my breath away…

8. List the names of 3 people that I want to thank and pray for…..

9. List of the names of people that I want to forgive, forget and move on…..

10. How should I be at the end of 2011 to be really happy, proud and contented? (considers all areas: Job, Finances, Health, Relationships, Spiritual)


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2 responses to “Introspection Time folks… Dont miss these 10 questions

  1. Humerah Naushad

    Absolutely thought provoking !! Although I did not have a formal list of things to achieve for 2010…with your 2011 New Year Gift/Awakening …Insha’Allah I hope to list out 5 NEW goals revolving around my professional and personal life. Brother, I truly enjoy reading the way you write ….it really touches my soul. I’m glad I subscribed !
    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 to you tooo !!

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