Gift someone Happiness this new year

A close relative of mine called up the other night. He was desperately trying to collect money for an acquaintance who has to undergo a kidney transplant urgently. After months of searching they had found a willing donor- a lady in her thirties. She was getting ready to part with her kidney for money. ….Money to treat her own child of 3 who was suffering from a terminal illness.

Last week, I bumped into a colleague who works as an office boy. He was standing near the elevator , crestfallen and teary. He had just received a call from India with news that his father had passed away suddenly. The young man was standing confused, since he didn’t have enough money to buy an air ticket. So the only son, with a million responsibilities just stood silently wailing…..

I was checking the United Nations website. It says that over 25,000 people die every day of hunger. Roughly put, this is one brother or sister every three and a half seconds. And unfortunately, it is children who die most. By the time you would have read till this line, 2 more angelic lives would have been wasted.

Are we aware that 1.02 billion little ones go to bed hungry every night ? Do we know that there are over 100 million of them homeless worldwide, wandering in search of a roof over their heads?
Without blaming the economic order or the world’s apathetic elite, can we all try to do whatever little we can? Shame on us and our human values if a young mother has to sacrifice herself for the sake of her ill child. Shame on us and all our hypocritical pretensions if we can’t save atleast a few of them from certain helpless deaths.

Let us all take a bold decision right now !!!!. let’s check our bank balances and decide to transfer at least 2.5% of our savings to a worthy charitable organization that is battling poverty. That surprise holiday that we planned, that new gadget for our child, that new accessory for our car and that new branded pin striped suit may have to wait till next year. But our funds will grant precious solace to our little brothers and sisters who simply cannot wait, even for a day.

As the old adage says- Money is what money does. So, let us make at least a part of our valuable savings truly significant, by using it for something worthwhile. Once this is done, I am sure that we can all wish each other “Happy New year” without pangs of guilt jabbing at our consciences. For we would have indeed ushered in the new year with happiness to someone , somewhere … least for a while…..

Let’s do it today. Now……

A list of organizations who can take our funds and convert it into aid can be found by clicking here

You can donate online right now by clicking here: HERE

Hope we can all wish each other HAPPY NEW YEAR with a guilt free heart.

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  1. nazimudheen

    very useful information and reminder to all as human beings our responsibility to fellow beings to avoid dying with hunger and have a shelter to protect from rain & heat. Value of money is felt when it is spent for noble causes.

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