Let’s stop Mind Reading folks….for god’s sake

I know– I have said this many times before. I admit that this might be one of the most recurring topics on my blog. But Trust me-it’s worth repeating a thousand more times.

Unless we stop mind reading and motive guessing, our relationships will not improve.

• He said that because he is ^*^**^*
• She did that because she is always such a &^%*^*&^*

This goes on… endlessly. We don’t bother to clarify anything. We assume that the antagonist had the worst intentions in mind and we vilify him/her without even an iota of evidence. And this makes our relationships deteriorate till we are off talking terms.

Let me narrate an incident that might inspire all of us to change….

Abubacker Sidique (R.A-May god be pleased with him) and Ali (R.A) crossed paths one morning. Contrary to custom they didn’t greet each other with the Islamic salutation “Peace and blessings of god be upon you”. They just froze for a second (as if they expected something) and then passed by each other.

Both of them were really disturbed by the incident. But without indulging in any mind reading and motive guessing, they took the initiative to clarify. They confronted each other and openly expressed their anguish… and this is how it turned out in the end.

Abubacker (RA) said “I had a dream last night. In the dream I saw a sprawling palace in heaven. When I enquired about its owner, I was told that it belonged to the person who would greet his brother first. So I remained quiet because I wanted you to inherit this palace. But I was surprised when you didn’t greet me.”

Ali (R.A) had tears in his eyes as he spoke. “I swear by my lord that I had the same dream last night. And I didn’t greet you since I wanted you to have this blessing.”

Masha allah!!! These brothers were ready to relinquish a great blessing in order to gift it to another.

So, Next time you feel miffed at someone for doing or not doing something, remember this story. Their actions may be guided by some truly noble intentions for your sake. You never know.

Please refrain from associating hideous motives behind their actions. Stop mind reading and clarify. You might end up becoming closer to one another than ever before.

May god help us to clear all our animosities and bring our hearts closer….


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2 responses to “Let’s stop Mind Reading folks….for god’s sake

  1. Jailad Abdulla

    Dear brother Sangeeth,
    Masha allah!
    what an incident it was?
    How many of us are ready to to bow out a great blessing in order to gift it to another??.. it is a touching incident brought tears in my eyes.

    Yes brother Sangeeth..

    you said it…

    I also have the same habit of mind reading.This blog made me to stop mind reading.

    Thanks for a wonderful blog..

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