Any Troubling Memory? – Scramble it now!!!

Does any unpleasant incident from the past come back to haunt you regularly? Does it stir up feelings that rob you of precious comfort? Don’t worry. You can scramble that memory now till it stops hurting you. I will share this magic with you through a personal experience.

One of my projects in the bank ran into rough weather recently. A very high profile senior Manager was inconsolably irked. Though the provocation wasn’t deliberate at all, the person was really angry. I had to step in and apologize profusely to soothe the inflamed nerves. The explanations and requests from our side and the aggressive and defiant posturing from his side left a lasting impression on me. This incident would jump back into my conscious when I would be least expecting it and would leave a very bitter taste in my psyche… till I used this neat NLP technique.

You need to have the following props ready

• A recent photograph of yours-It shouldn’t be a close up snap
• Some loud merry music- from your laptop or mobile phone

Follow the below steps to scramble the incident away

Take a close look at your photograph for a few minutes. Notice what you are wearing.

Imagine that you are sitting in a movie theatre, looking at the screen. See the picture in clear detail. Notice the color of the seats and your clothing.

Shift your focus to the screen. Imagine as is you are watching the scene standing behind yourself. See the back of your head and the screen.

Relive the experience on the screen. Run it from start to finish. Notice the manager and hear his sound. Notice yourself in the incident and watch your expressions. You will experience the familiar uncomfortable feelings as you watch the movie.

Now turn the movie from color to black and white.

Take the central theme- which would be the manager, and shrink him. Make him a tiny replica of himself.

Start running the movie in your mind’s eye in reverse. Start from the last frame and go back to the first.

Do this at double speed.

Convert the manager’s voice to something funny- Mickey Mouse’s voice is a good option.

Give the miniscule manager some really funny clothing. Let him have a clown’s face and attire.

Run the movie in reverse quite fast.

(You will notice that you are smiling now)

Finally switch on the loud and merry music and watch the movie in reverse mode again.

Once you have done this 5 to 6 times, get up from your seat and walk around a bit. Take your mind off the movie.

After a while, try recollecting the original unpleasant incident. In all probability you will not be able to. If you still can, you need to repeat the above steps a few more times. Repeat and Test till you cannot bring the old incident up again.
The whole process takes less than 10-15 minutes. This owes its effectiveness to the technology of NLP, which has actually unraveled the instruction book of the human brain.

The concept is simple. We think predominantly in terms of pictures and sounds. Once we bring these memory bits together, they generate the same old bad feelings in us. Scramble this jigsaw by changing the color, size, characteristics and sounds associated with the incident and the jigsaw wouldn’t fit as before. No jigsaw, no corresponding feelings….. Free at last.

Watch this video on youtube. It will motivate you more to try this technique.
Click Here
If you need any help, feel free to call me on 050 3423552

Go ahead and be Free……


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3 responses to “Any Troubling Memory? – Scramble it now!!!

  1. Mansoor Ali Samnani

    really appreciate, i applied this and i shocked its working as per your quote, brother ibrahim well done
    Mansoor Ali Samnani

  2. M


    I have used this techniques with all sorts of age groups and this really does help. For some chronic casaes one can go to the projector room and detach onself and then reattach once the cartooning of the pain creating character has happened. ITs fun. I learnt that most of the times we want to remain associated with good feel only. Another reason for this technique to work so effectively. I tried with my 5 year old kid and it worked… 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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