Are you a Bad Boss ?

(Adapted from one of the best books I have read – A Survival Guide for Working With Bad Bosses by Gini Graham Scott)

So… you are vying for the Best Boss award? Do a quick reality check. Read the list below and tick the ones (be honest) that resemble your style at work.

Too aggressive
Weak and wishy-washy
Too controlling and manipulative
Not controlling enough
Too organized and structured
Too rigid and inflexible
Too uncertain
Too emotional
Lacks compassion and empathy
Too much of a micromanager
Doesn’t provide direction or instruction
Makes impulsive or bad decisions
Too nosy and invasive
Shows a lack of care and concern
Yells, screams, and is rude and insulting
Can’t be trusted because he/she makes promises and doesn’t keep them
Unfair, in playing office favorites or not giving proper recognition or credit

Ha Ha… I know what you are thinking. There is not one positive point in there.

But if you have ticked any, then u should jump out of the nearest window.

If your sheet is blank, just don’t start rejoicing yet. Ask your subordinates to rate you using this questionnaire and then draw conclusions.

If you are reporting to one who has one or many of these, then look out for my coming posts. I may have some valuable tips for you.


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  1. Sagar

    May be you should rate me 🙂

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