Life is/in an Elevator

A man stays on the 45th floor of a skyscraper. But every time he wants to go up, he presses the button for the 15th floor and then takes the stairs all the way till his floor. can u explain Why ?
Well…. hmmm….. he was a midget and hence couldnt reach the button for the 45th floor.
I am really sorry to throw this P.J at you. I heard this one in school and havent forgotten it due to its sheer “poorness”.

But Alhamdulillah, all of us are full blown adults. Yet, we deliberately choose to press low lying and easily reachable buttons in the elevators of life. We simply dont dare to press the ones that are higher up, slightly above our reach. Those that demand a little stretching. Every day we see people who have risen up just because they have done just that. But we attribute their success to luck, “Wasta” or “the silver spoons that they were born with…”

Life is just like an elevator. It takes you where you want it to take you. Sometimes it brings you down instead of up. But you dont have to get down at the ground floor and stay there for ever. Consider that as a free ride and wait for the next opportunity to jump in and press the top most button.

And flash your best smile always , make small talk with your co travellers and be courteous…. Make sure that you hold the door ajar for all those lovely ladies. But also make sure that you dont miss the bus….

And most importantly, never forget that life is as brief as any elevator ride and what u do in that brief sojourn decides whether you reach the terrace amidst the clouds or the basements filled with muck…….

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