Bhakthi instead of Shakthi

So the verdict is finally out.

And how do I feel? The word “I” in the preceding sentence is stressed because I have taken the liberty to assume that I represent all educated, forward thinking Indian Muslim fundamentalists- deeply religious souls who abhor rabid communalism. If you want to know my interpretation of the difference between R &C, please read an earlier post.

Point 1:

The court says that the site is the birth place of lord RAM. Well, we all know that this cannot be proven empirically. However this has to be respected since millions of people believe it to be so. And beliefs are important. We believe that the sun will rise tomorrow. We believe that good will triumph over evil. We believe in our parentage without resorting to DNA tests. There is a slight discomfort since a court which has to go either by empirical data or circumstantial evidence has chosen to base the verdict on beliefs instead. This is really strange and I sincerely hope that it doesn’t set a precedent. But confusion notwithstanding, I reiterate… beliefs are important and must be respected.

Point 2:

The court says that the mosque was built after demolishing a temple. Well, even if the Archeological Survey of India has judged that a Massive Temple existed at that very site, it cannot be proven that the mosque was built by demolishing it. This is particularly confusing since there is ample documentary evidence to show that Babur, the invader generously patronized certain other temples and shrines. Yes, a Temple existed at the site. But No, there is no evidence to prove that it was demolished to build the mosque. If this was the case, the mosque would be an illegitimate structure built against the tenets of Islam and must be, by all means brought down. But In this particular case, I cannot say this with conviction. But let me; with lot of reluctance admit that the probability of that mosque being built after the demolishing of the temple does exist.

Point 3:

The court says that both Hindus and Muslims used to worship in the structure for ages, in different parts of the site though. This is a very comforting fact. Not so long before in time, we were able to enjoy our differences and seek solace in our respective concepts of godhood, side by side. It would have been so nice if we could have continued to do so…

So my Hindu brothers get 2/3rd of the site and the Muslim community gets 1/3rd. Though this is absurd from a legal standpoint for the obvious reasons stated above, I welcome the judgment since I believe that the end justifies the means in this particular case.

By accepting this judgment I get to…..

Respect the belief of my Hindu brothers

Feel good about my gracious beliefs particularly since I have chosen to accept the illegitimacy of the mosque based on a remote and very unlikely possibility

Go on a trip to Ayodhya and worship Allah standing next to a grand temple. By doing this I am sure that both the Muslim and Indian in me would be satisfied.

Feel safer since this verdict favoring my Hindu brothers has robbed the right wingers of a wonderful opportunity to create more mayhem and chaos. The problem will now shrink into its own self till it cannot be kindled further.

But let me also say this

The act of destroying the mosque in 1992 can never ever be condoned. It was a criminal act against the dictates of our democratic and secular system. The government of India must ensure that such acts don’t happen again… Never again… Nowhere.

There is no need for the Muslims to give away their 1/3rd share. It is their right granted to them by the legal system of the land. They should have a place of worship at that spot and must run it with the blessings of the local authorities and the temple administration. This is a definite challenge. But every Indian should work towards such an arrangement.

The building of the temple and the adjoining mosque must be done locally. No political party must make it a pan Indian affair by organizing rallies and meetings across the country. This will surely lead to inflamed passions and riots. Let the construction be a celebration of Bhakthi. Let it not degenerate into a vulgar display of Shakthi.

Let us all leave this incident behind and move on as soon as possible. We are stated to be the third largest economy by 2050. Let us equip ourselves to make the most of this boom. Let us all make our millions, share it with the have not’s and take our beloved country to greater heights…

I am sure that this will happen. My son and his friends were in the drawing room as the celebrated anchors in the various TV channels were excitedly dissecting the verdict. Despite the graphic pictures and the raised voices, neither Amaan, Rahul or Victor gave even one cursory glance towards it. They were too busy preparing for their upcoming exams…..

India has moved on….Alhamdulillah… Jai hind


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6 responses to “Bhakthi instead of Shakthi

  1. I salute your optimism!

  2. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. Nice post. 🙂

  3. As I said in my blog, the issue of destruction of Babri Mosque is studied by the Liberhan Commission, which is in court. It is the responsibility of every citizen of India to demand from the govt that the political leaders implicated in that report should be severely punished.

    The Ayodhya lawsuit aimed at claiming the land. It didn’t concern itself with the mosque or the temple by any of the three groups of litigants.

    The land is govt land for which there is none of these three groups has the ownership as Justice Khan stated in his judgment. It’s govt land and these three groups should not be getting any share of it as they don’t hold the ownership of the land.

    But this issue has been politicised so much by the media, the politicians and the intellectuals that such a verdict can not be given.

    Hence, in the current situation, the division of the land is the only verdict that can be given. How the land should be divided can be a matter of debate.

  4. Nab

    Well, keep it up your postings. Try to start a column in any magazine or newspaper.

    Let me tell you something without order.

    Still, the verdict raises lots of questions. What we Indians really expect from a court in a civil case? Verdict based on proofs or belief?

    Whenever proof was neglected injustice has occurred. Not was the proof but satisfying public mindset led to verdict against Afsal Guru! Am I correct? I reiterate the word Justice. For me, Justice must bed kept up most of even mercy, kindness and public mindset.

    This verdict also means that Indian democracy has not grown yet to accept this verdict based on proof.

    I salute not the verdict but the matured Indians who accepted this immatured verdict without taking the matter into street.

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