May Sense Prevail……

Tommorow afternoon, a court in India will give a verdict on a case that has evoked intense desctructive passions in our country for years…..

Please join me in uttering these few words in prayer…..

May Truth and Justice prevail……

If the (mosque) was indeed built after demolishing a (temple), may that land be given back to its rightful owners and may a splendid (temple) come up in its place. May closet and unborn (muslim) tyrants learn for good that the worship of (Allah) shouldn’t be enforced upon anyone. Least of all, by demolishing the place of worship of others.

May all (Muslims) succeed in accepting the truth and peacefully swallow their grief over the fall of the illegitimate (mosque). May their collective respect for the law and desire for peace dissuade anyone from venting their unjustified anger on innocents. May all the attempts of ones with cruel vested interests fail.

May everyone learn to leave this incident behind and get on with self, family, society and nation building.

To complete this prayer, please substitute the words in brackets with the following alternatives respectively…

(Makeshift Temple, Mosque, Mosque, Hindu, Ram, Hindus, Makeshift Temple)


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2 responses to “May Sense Prevail……

  1. Musfir Khawaja

    Great words Sangeeth.
    Responsibility lies on the ruling authority (supreme court) to keep in mind what will the outcome of their decision be. They should have started public awareness in both segments of the society for the possible verdict.

    “Eye for an eye leaves everyone blind”

    Demolishing the mosque claimed 2000 lives and destroyed homes and created polarity in the society, now making a temple on it could create further anger. It might be principally correct to do so, but i am sure there are other options available.. wishing india all the best on this.

  2. Saleh Master

    Dear Brother,
    Allah’s home is holy and always should be safe from shirk. Did court given any importance to this Faith of Muslim citizens, rather executing Hindu faith in priority. Court should have avoided such partiality.
    Tomorrow somebody may invade your house and then court will divide it into three so that a spectator also will enjoy one part. Who will be ultimate looser ? Its no one but you only.
    Let court follow the evidences instead the faith, in order to keep Indian Judiciary the best in justice among the world.

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