The Sheer Magic of NLP

Fear of Injections…… Cured in a Jiffy

Lack of interest in studies….. Fixed instantly

Getting stuck and immobilized in certain situations….. Freed immediately

Total Lack of Self Confidence…. Transformed within minutes

Sounds like the false promises of occult mediums and amulet vendors, doesnt it ? Not at all…

All these can be realised through an amazing technology of acheivement called NLP. I just got myself certified recently. There are certain things that are tough to learn, but easy to do. Driving is one example. Certain things are easy to learn but tough to do- Like digging a hole . Some other things are tough to learn and tough to do. Performing surgeries maybe. Finally you have things that are easy to learn and easy to do…. NLP is one such technology.

Towards the end of my post, I will recommend an excellent book on the subject. You can read it through in one sitting and then go on to change your and the lives of your loved ones in a twinkle….

But how does it work ?. It works on the premise that you can change your feelings by changing your thoughts. Through extensive research the founders of NLP have deduced that we think in terms of pictures, sounds, body physiology and self talk. “Feelings ” are not stored anywhere in our body. When something triggers a stimulus,- a thought about a Spider for example, our brain digs out pictures, sounds and self told narrations about spiders and then combines them with a particular body phsyciology (could be the way we arch our eye brows, or keep our fingers etc). This combination then goes on to trigger particular chemicals in our body that creates corresponding feelings. Some stimuli lead to feelings of pain, remorse, fear, regret etc etc and some others lead to happiness, ecstacy, excitement etc.

Now each of these ingredients have characteristics. Mental pictures have color, size, brightness, location etc. Similarly Sounds and Self talk have accents, pitches, locations and pace. Body postures can also be different. Through the tools of NLP one can bring up a particular feeling, analyse the ingredients causing it and then amazingly go on to change the feeling by changing the characteristics of the ingredients.

Like a master chef who can look into the cooking pot, add a few ingredients and change the dish forever, we can choose to disown all disempowering feelings. By working the other way around, we can also choose to generate empowering feelings of all kinds… all this and more within minutes.

Don’t take my word for it (Though I am a person who tries to make my video match my audio). Though there are hundreds of books on the subject, I highly recommend the book “Get the life you want” authored by Richard bandler, one of the co creators of NLP. You can get it here……

From Amazon

You can catch some awesome NLP videos on you tube. One of them can be found here…

On Youtube

You can digest the book within a few hours and then start implemeting the magic….. Trust me… You will be amazed and so will the world be….

So go ahead…. Make people’s lives worth living


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2 responses to “The Sheer Magic of NLP

  1. Mila

    Should try it soon,I guess.Thanks Sangeeth.

  2. Shaju Unni

    hi Sangeeth,

    Is there a way to get a free copy of this.

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