Pick the odd one out

Clockwise from the left…

Mary, the mother of Jesus
Devotees in a place of worship in Indonesia
A Britisher
A Sardarni
The actress who played Devi Sita in the hit serial Ramayan
A Roman Goddess

One of these women is hopelessly oppressed….Please pick that odd one out


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2 responses to “Pick the odd one out

  1. amithpadiath

    hahaha ….. I like….

  2. Kiran.G

    The obvious choice of the masses: the woman in the face veil, the Brit, that is what the media make us believe(Umpteen number of reasons for that…). Now my pick of the lot would be “Devotees in a place of worship in Indonesia”, these are poor women allegedly devoted to God, neither are the allowed to marry nor lead a normal family life, sorry if I offended anyone, but that is the clear truth.

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