I Remember……

The aroma of EID wafting in as soon as the last week approaches wearily

The Suhoor announcer who sings Old hindi hits rehashed with sufiyana lyrics begins to sound sad

A section of the crowd deserts the masjids and occupies the well lit narrow souqs buying dazzling clothes and shining shoes

The Imam bids a tearful good bye to the holy month from his pulpit

The anticipation on the eve of the 30th………

Going to sleep, waiting to be woken up with good news

Waking up at mid night to the sounds of bursting crackers and children shouting Takbeers from over flowing auto rickshaws

Reciting the same, running around the courtyard till ones voice turns hoarse

A million phone calls…. Excited greetings

Lighting up a small portion of the “safe” flower pots and sparklers and saving the rest for the grand show on EID night

Sister and mother busy applying horrendous Mehndi designs on their palms

Falling asleep in the wee hours of the morning

Waking up, taking a bath and dressing up in clothes still having price tags and pins on them

Tip toeing respectfully to Uppa’s room to receive a dab of Attar on the palm

Going to the Eid Gah well before prayer time…

Occupying the first rows and shouting the Takbir, recited off key by the ageing stalwarts of the town

Finishing the prayers, the Imams passionate speech (with strong reminders to sustain the spirit)

Embracing every child and man around you 3 times, enjoying the fragrance of a cocktail of perfumes

Breakfast!!!!! After a month

Opening EID Gifts from Uppa and Umma

Visiting relatives and receiving money as EID gifts. Cramming your mouth with hundred different sweets

Playing with the kids of relatives and friends who call on us

Grand lunch… Mutton Biriyani

Going to the beach in the car in the evening, evading the crazy traffic on the streets

Enjoying the cheap ice-cream sold on the beach and sharing the joy with half the town who has chosen the same spot to revel

No Iftar !!!! (missing the over sweet lime juice and the many fried snacks)

Reaching home late…..

Competing with the neighbors in bursting the rest of the crackers… Feeling jealous about the ones who are allowed to burst big noisy ones

Name sake dinner

Falling asleep in a state of excitement, exultation and slight pain….. since Bakrid is still far away….

Hope I can hand over at least a part of this magical feeling to my kids, Amaan and Jehan this time.

EID Mubarak


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3 responses to “I Remember……

  1. Seif Sultan

    & then i came to the gulf………………..

    Where i try to retain the same spirit of my childhood through my child……
    Well i take him to the masjid on the EVE of EID at Isha Prayers so that i can relive the moment of screaminvg Takbeer announcing EID.
    Dissapointed i return home, but thanks to Allah the smile on my wifes face and my Daughters face lights me up.
    We will just wake up next morning and after the shower wear new clothes and rush to the masjid and stare at the each other trying to uncode the qutba……and also to find one person who we can hug andsay Eid mubarak and show my son how it was a decade back………..

    Then its going to be some tasty breakfast and a long sleep awaiting for Afternoon prayers and Biryaani …….. followed by sleep again until Asar prayers..

    Miss those days when we could go to our relatives house uninvited on EID and just meet them for the spirit of the day……..Appointment is Laazim these days……

    This is what people tell me in UAE…………. 🙂

    But i believe we can relive each every moment of EID on every EID.

    Thanks for taking us on a Nostalgic trip…………

  2. Jailad Abdulla

    Dear Brother Sangeeth,

    You took all of us back to our childhood…
    What a feeling it was…..
    In sha allah, we all should try to give the same spirit (magical feeling) to our children, in any possible ways.

    “Remembrance is the most fragrant flowers in the garden of our life”
    Thanks for the recollection

    Eid Mubarak

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