If there is space in your heart, there is space everywhere…..

As usual, I was late for the Friday prayer. The Imam was half way into the first phase as I reached the spot, sweating and panting. The rows of congregation had flowed on to the streets and I had to be satisfied with a humble spot in the last row. As I was about to spread the prayer mat, I saw two strangers waiting in anticipation. I took my position on the mat and invited one of them to join me. He gratefully followed. I was immediately joined on my left side by another stranger who spread his mat and did what I did. So all four of us stood together on two mats and started praying.

Though it was an exercise in agility and flexibility, we narrowed and timed ourselves rhythmically to prevent two believers from getting their feet burnt under the scorching sun.

I am wondering. Would these four strangers have been so accommodative if our meeting place was a cash counter in a grocery store? Or a parking lot? Would we have competed with one another to give and share and feel extremely good and honoured about it?

Why do we becomes champions of WIN-WIN policies at places of worship and enforcers of WIN-LOSE policies everywhere else, even when we know for sure that the good lord is seeing us everywhere and rewarding us for good deeds irrespective of place and time?.

Why do we deny ourselves of that wonderful feeling of contentment and peace that is so easily attainable?


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3 responses to “If there is space in your heart, there is space everywhere…..

  1. nitin

    Hi Soulverses,

    I really like the thought and rather impressed.

    But, don’t u think if u practice the same everywhere else u would legged behind. For example of grocery shop there is always a queue and people r always in hurry. There would no one to listen and would think u as fool..

    • Dear Nitin

      Thanks for the comment. I am slowly beginning to choose to believe that all people are essentially good. They sometimes act in funny ways because they dont have all the resources to act noble (like self esteem, concern for others, good manners etc). They just make use of the resources that are available to them…. and in some cases it has a bad impact on others. But if all of us realise that true and long lasting pleasure is in giving instead of getting….. then this world would be such a wonderful place. I know that this sounds utopian… but let us try to change the world by changing ourselves first. I have seen rowdy chaotic gangs become gentlemen merely by the sight of someone displaying some chivalry and manners… so let us start this movement. By inspiring others to be good, at grocery stores, parking lots and all other places…. Even if we fail, we get god’s blessings right ?
      Thanks once again for the comment

  2. Athayyil

    Hi Soulverses,

    Is it not easy to preach than practice? How many of us gave something which we cherish to somebody who needed it more? We give away things which we do not need or just which are in excess! So let us give away what we cherish most and give space to people where it is due!! Let it be a mosque, be a grocery or a dias… it is sometimes good to sit and listen than to preach.. all the best in your endeavors.

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