This day in history

I was watching the movie Brave heart on TV, last night. Must have watched it a million times before. But it never fails to remind us of some very simple facts. That whenever man has stood up with courage and resolve against injustice and tyranny, brute ruthless and seemingly invincible forces have crumbled and made way.

The book of history resting on the mantelpiece of time has a page on this on every single chapter. Wallace, Gandhi, Mandela……

Today is the anniversary of one such lesson. 1400 years ago a group of ill fed and poorly armed believers stood up to face a far superior army on the desert lands of Badr. The superior side was fighting for power, supremacy and ugly dominion. And their opponents for the right to live with honor. Thousands against hundreds. Cavalry against foot soldiers.

If not in blood, at least in faith I am one of the proud descendents of that outmatched army, who on the 17th of Ramadan proved it yet again that truth and truth alone triumphs…

So let us all continue to read and watch with lumps in our throat and then apathetically change the channels and stuff newspapers down the throats of garbage chutes. Till somewhere someday someone will stumble upon this age old truth and brush it up again for all to see.

On which side of the battle lines must we be found on that fateful day?
Will our grand children remember us as pathetic losers or righteous leaders?

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