My Secret Formula for Success

Finally, I have created (invented, conceptualized…whatever) the ultimate formula for success. Here it goes…

Altitude = Aptitude + Attitude + Actions

Profound indeed !, as you will soon come to realize and concur. Looks good as well..doesn’t it ? The altitude at which you will cruise in life (you could either live life as a chicken or as an eagle, the choice is yours and can be made at any time…) depends on the three things on the R.H.S of the equation. For those who were pathetic at math, R.H.S stands for Right hand side. Since I intend to continue blogging, I don’t want you to imbibe this secret formula all at once. So today, I will start by enlightening you about Aptitude.
The word literally stands for the innate ability to do a task. There are a million jobs that one can find and do in this world. However, it goes without saying that one cannot do all these jobs equally well. You are cut out to do some exceedingly well, some moderately well and so on, it takes the form of a decreasing continuum.
If I can compose music exceedingly well, or sell amazingly well, you can say that I have the aptitude for that task. If I don’t, I may still be able to do them, but with a lot of painful efforts and very little breakthrough WOW results.
So the first step in moving on to a higher corridor in life is finding out the jobs in which you have an aptitude in. Once you glance through that list, you will get that “My god, these are interesting things…..” feeling. If the job that you are currently doing is in this list, you are one of the lucky ones. Alternatively,you will have to decide.. change the job or burn double the amount of fuel to cruise at the level you desire.
Now how can you decipher your aptitude ?. I personally endorse the MBTI personality profile. It is freely available at Look for the “Jung typology” test link and start answering the questions. Once you are through, you will get a four letter code (ENFJ, ISTJ, etc.). Once you have this code go to Google university and search for MBTI + apt careers and voila….. you will have a million sites telling you the first ingredient in my secret recipe.
Am I too old to change? Well, I was trained as an engineer and a Business Manager. Frankly speaking I don’t have an impressive aptitude for either. With a lot of hard work, I could make a mark in these domains. However, I could see others do it with half the time and effort. As an ENFJ, “Teaching” is a job in which I have a good aptitude in and as a Corporate Trainer, I am outshining others effortlessly… Alhamdulillah. I spent seven years of my life loitering in the wilderness before I found the track of my calling. Work is NOW very meaningful and I enjoy every bit of it.
If you need any more details on this, send me an email at If you are in the UAE, I am giving a presentation on the same subject on Wednesday (25th) night in Sharjah. Call me on 050 3423552 and I will guide you….It’s a promise.
For the rest of the R.H.S… watch this space.

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