Prayers that are answered

In the 1990’s, our country was embroiled in the Lose- Lose Ram Temple- Babri Masjid controversy. Allow me to give the uninitiated a short history course. The majority community believed that an erstwhile minority community ruler destroyed a holy temple and constructed a mosque in its place . Almost 1000 years later, a militant wing of the majority community sought retribution, by razing the mosque to the ground and reinstating the temple. This issue divided the whole country along communal lines and unprecedented scenes of arson and killing happened all over. It was very tough to be non partisan and rational during those days as pain and hate inducing reports of death and atrocities were pouring in by the minute. I was in my teens and was quite effected by the happenings. I was mourning the destruction of the mosque and was giving vent to my feelings at every opportunity.
An ageing and wise relative who had called on us, called me aside and related a story from Islamic history that brought in tender showers of relief in my heart and soul. It gave me a new paradigm altogether. Let me share it with you today.

During the Caliphate of Omar Ibn Khattab (R.A) , Islam was spreading far and wide and hundreds of people were coming into its fold every day. The Governor of Egypt was facing a severe problem. The Masjid in the city was too small to accommodate the increasing number of believers. His only option was to renovate and enlarge the building. But a small house of a Coptic Christian lady stood as a major stumbling block to this plan. The house came in the way. The governor approached her and offered to give her a better place in the city and requested her to leave. She refused. He offered to pay her much more than the value of the land. She vehemently stuck to her stand. Finally the governor deposited this money in the treasury, enabling her to avail it any day and ordered for the destruction of the house.
The old lady was grief stricken. She went around seeking help. Someone told her that the Caliph in Medina, who was the commander of the faithful was a very just man. They advised her to meet him and seek his help. The old lady decided to do so. After travelling for many months, she reached medina and got to meet the Caliph. By this time, the house was demolished and the construction of the mosque was in full swing. The lady presented her case to the caliph. He pondered over the request for a while and sought the reason for her reluctance to move.
The lady tearfully said “My husband and sons are dead and they are buried in that compound. When I sleep in my house, I feel that they are standing guard over me and protecting me. I feel safe in their presence. I can never be comfortable anywhere else”
Upon hearing this, the just ruler ordered for the mosque to be demolished and the house to be rebuilt. The land was restored to her with honor.

The wise old man ended the story and opined “If you pray by treading on the tear drops of innocents, I don’t think they will be answered”.

I am not suggesting a solution for this age old highly politicized problem. But the tears of the old lady and the words of the caliph drove the radical out of my soul.. forever.


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2 responses to “Prayers that are answered

  1. Nab

    Dear Sangeeth Bhai,

    These incidents are valuable pearls of Islamic history.

    The incident stopped you from something wrong!
    If the incident of Omer bin Khatahb and old woman persuaded you keep distance from radicalism that is quite fine and praise the Almighty Allah. But I think you are not considering it as an evidence and excuse to keep distance from democratic activities for justice by continuing constructive efforts to uphold the communal harmony together.

    The incident also powerful to force you to act for something good!!!

    Nowadays the word mostly used everywhere is ‘Developmet’. It would be also better if we recall connecting this incident when the multi billion development projects (really it is not development, it is destruction) are planned and implemented for the benefit of some by victimizing a lot. If we accept energy from such instances how can we stop us from raising our voices against the ‘developments’ that are planned to build on the tears, pains, emotions and sweat of long years expatriate life without offering proper and just rehabilitation packages?? Neglecting these victims’ tears will be turning them to other type of radicalism, as our Supreme Court recently observed.

    So, let’s us explore the full potential of the incident. It must help not only to save us from radicalism but others too.

  2. We are together on this bro

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