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Conflicting Values;Confusions

A Proffessor’s palm gets chopped off. It is indeed the worst of times. Ever since prophet muhammed (PBUH) started his revolutionary mission, he has had a string of insults and physical attacks hurled at him. I beleive that a similar situation exists now. Watching TV, Getting on Twitter and making potshots at the prophet seem to be the in things now. But does this call for the hand to be chopped off?. If we are following the prophet as a leader and a mentor and trying to do what he did and would have done….those daggers would never have been unsheathed. So the sword slingers were definetely following another map. Period. When the brain gets washed, the laundered RAS (reticular activation system) accepts and beleives only that which it things must be beleived. No wonder some young guns are seeing clarion calls for violence even in the holy quran and the prophets life.
While I am crystal clear about my stand as of day, my mind goes on auto rewind at times. Isnt there a clash of values here ?. Freedom of speech is paramount- I learned this as an adult. But I was told by my grandmom at the age of three that I must not hurt the feelings of others. So have these adults forgotten their grandmothers?. Now thats shameful. Value 1: You can say anything you want. Value 2: Dont hurt sentiments of others. can we choose to exercise value 1 on sundays and thursdays and value 2 on the rest of the days. Or can we choose to have a Value cocktail every day?

A British MP declines to meet veiled women. Covering of the face is not acceptable, he says. Can someone refuse to meet a nun or the pope by saying that covering of the head is not acceptable. Where does the head end and the face begin and where lies the contour of acceptability?- There it goes again- The clash of Values.

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Do I have lots to say?

Why am I doing this?
Is it because I have some much to say?. Or is it because eager and hysteric enthusiasts are clamoring at my door every day. NO!!!!. I have been boasting of my vision- to be a world renowned author by 2012. Times Best Seller List, Booker Award and many more superlatives. May this be the beginning. WOW !!! History is just about to be made. HA HA. Hope the full stop isnt one. May I have painful thrusts at my ribs, reminders of a frustrated ambitious soul caught in a vagabonds obese frame. Then I may return. Hope my next post doesnt surface after a decade. Who will justify your ignorance ?????


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