Learn more to earn more

When you purchased your new LCD TV, you dumped the old loyal one without a moment’s hesitation. Didn’t you? The TV can take consolation from the fact that your mobile phone, laptop and GPS system had met with the same fate. All these “Once valued and wonderful” equipment were shown the garbage chute not because they stopped working. They got overthrown simply because something sleeker and better suddenly appeared on the horizon. Before you feel that I am beginning to sound like a techno geek, let me throw the million dollar question at you. When will you be replaced by a better informed, better skilled new kid on the block?
I learned that companies in US are now trying rehiring. Resumes are solicited for well filled positions and candidates are interviewed. The so called 10 year experienced person (10 years experience or 1 years experience multiplied 10 times; god only knows) would be watching his prospective replacers strutting in and out of the recruiters office. Once terms and conditions are fixed, the experienced associate is asked either to upscale his skills or downscale his package to match the services extended by the newer and better substitute waiting in the wings, pen in hand to sign the contract. Most of the time, the humbled, humiliated and much wiser older associate complies, and gets rehired….
If you don’t want this to happen to you, start acting now. Open your eyes and look around. When was the last time that you read a book, attended a seminar or Training or got a certification? Brainstorm and come out with a KASH up gradation policy that will improve your CASH reserves. The former being (Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes and Habits); and the latter… well you know.
It is said that knowledge doubles every 2 years. So you are getting obsolete at a rate of 50% per year, if you are not upgrading yourself. So get this straight…. When you stop learning, you stop growing and the only way to learn more is to earn more

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