The Leadership Lessons of Salat

Have a schedule and procedure for all the activities

Follow the schedule religiously

Leaders are chosen for each activity democratically… usually the most senior or the wisest one gets the post

People shirk away from taking the responsibility… It takes quite a lot of prodding and pushing to take up the post

Once the Leader accepts the post, he calls the congregation to order

Each rows leads the row behind.. Unless one can see the row ahead, his prayer is not valid

Though rigid controls are in place, leaders can innovate. he can choose the Surah and the length of the recitation

If the leader makes a mistake, followers can bring it to his notice.

The leader then does corrective action followed by the congregation

If anyone joins the group half way through the proceedings, he has to follow the leader and then continue the process as defined in the procedure, once the leader completes the activity.

Once the leader and his congregation completes the activity, another leader can be chosen to goes on to lead the new comers

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