My Brothers

This is a poem written by Sangeeth Ibrahim, based on a short story written and published by Prof. Ibrahimkutty which is in turn based on a true incident. Amaan Iqbal Ibrahim (son of the former and grandson of the latter) had won a prize by reciting this at the school recitation competition in 2008.

My Brothers

On my last birthday
Filled with cakes and balloons adrift;
My parents took me to a school
With food packets and gifts.

A hundred kids ran around
Sweating in the summer heat;
Ruffled hair, no uniforms
And most of them bare feet.

In single line, as a gong struck loud
They filed in with their mates;
Settled upon the bare ground
With their empty metal plates.

In shock I saw their closet rooms
As the warden took us around;
Dark alleys and silent glooms
With tattered beds abound.

“Why don’t their parents take them home?
Have they erred to be punished”?
To mama I asked in a shocking tone
Chocking and anguished.

“None shall come to fetch them dear
Ever through this open door;
To quell their fears and wipe their tears
Their parents are no more”.

With trembling lips, I asked my dad
“When do they have Birthdays?”
“When someone somewhere care to share”
He softly conveys.

Every night since that fateful day
For the orphans I do pray;
And safely save every dirham away
For our next birthday.


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3 responses to “My Brothers

  1. Arshid Padiath

    If you havent thought about it already…maybe you sould complile all of mamas works and publish it some place online…What you say?

    • Have thought about it. But most of his works are in malayalam. So I would love to continue the legacy instead. Most of my trainings, speeches and writings are heavily inspired by him anyway.

  2. Mohammed Rashid

    Simple yet powerful, thought provoking nuggets. I am really going to steal some of the ideas for my next toastmaster speech (with your permission of course). Keep posting my friend….

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